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My name is Irina Nikolaeva.

I am a professional designer and I am the founder and the director of DesignWorld interior design studio. I have had the passion for design since I was a little child. I remember thumbing through interior design magazines in admiration and having all sorts of wild images coming to the young head of mine. My fantasies could not be stopped and I wanted to create something out of the ordinary.  


I have a background in engineering and design and I hold a Master’s degree in architectural environment design. Ever since I received the diploma in 2015, my life has been dedicated to design. My work is a source of inspiration for me. I talk personally to every client and do my best in order to achieve the desired goal: to create an optimal and an exclusive interior design that would meet the client’s expectations and fit the space. When I see that my clients are delighted with the results of my work, I realize that my efforts are not in vain.  


My achievements keep me enthusiastic about improving my qualifications even further. I keep track of the latest trends in the interior design industry. Every year I attend international exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, and other countries to follow the new tendencies and fashions in the field of interior design.  

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